HIV/AIDS Health Journalism

This CD-ROM prototype received two CINDY awards- coveted Cinema in Industry distinctions in international and national competitions. The CINDY award is presented by the International Association of Audio Visual Communicators, a nonprofit organization representing theatrical, broadcast, non-broadcast and interactive media professionals throughout the world.

Gregory Pirio was the lead developer of the Health Journalism  CD-ROM.  Developed in close collaboration in the Pan American Health Organization and UNAIDS, Health Journalism is an self-paced, interactive, multi-media learning experience designed to improve the skills and knowledge base of journalists in the Caribbean and Latin America interested in health issues.  HIV/AIDS is one of the health issues highlighted in the learning experience, as research indicates that around the world the media is the primary source of information for the public on HIV/AIDS.  {}


Health Journalism replicates a newsroom environment.  Reporters enter the program and are given an assignment by an editor.  The reporter then has the opportunity to research the topic in a briefing room which serves as a library of information on the topic and on the skills prerequisite for filing a successful story.  The briefing room also contains an archive of clippings of effective real-life health stories.  Finally, the user travels to an on-site setting that contains multi-media interviews and other sources needed to write and file a story or series of stories.