An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.
- Martin Luther King Jr.

Empowering Communications is devoted to developing thoughtful and compassionate solutions to problems  in today's world. We feel that our philosophy plays a vital role in how we serve our clients. 

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Advancing Continuing Medical Education through Information Technology

Empowering Communication’s signature distance learning methodology for healthcare professionals – ACME-IT— is reinventing the way health care training is carried out in low and middle income countries. It has demonstrated that it can successfully empower health providers to better performance, improved patient care and greater personal and workplace satisfaction, using affordable state-of-the-art, off-the-shelf Information Technology.

These pioneering methodologies make it possible to deploy IT in the delivery of world class health education/training seamlessly and reliably to practitioners in the remotest community to cosmopolitan capital cities wherever they be located. Read More. 

How does it work?


B. Implementation and Support Services Supplied by Empowering Communications

  1. Advantages of the ACME-IT methodology:
    1. Promotes institutional brainstorming of solutions to practical health delivery problems
    2. Boosts staff morale and cooperation
    3. Improves continuity of patient care
    4. More cost effective over conventional workshop training
    5. Reduces hospital staff absenteeism due to off-site training
    6. Encourages the translation of knowledge gains into competencies
    7. Accelerates the dissemination on new health care and public health protocols and policies
    8. Brings the best teachers to a large number of learners
    1. Designs hardware and software IT architecture for distance learning to bring quality learning to anyplace in the world, with specific expertise in medium and low income countries
    2. Establishes learning and knowledge resources centers as well as commercially viable Cybercafés for Health in health care institutions
    3. Trains staff in systems operations
    4. Incentivizes staff participation in and commitment to in-station CME
    5. Promotes a culture of high quality customer services in the delivery of medical education
    6. Supervises and informs curriculum design
    7. Advices facility administration on human resource policy and protocol innovations that promote staff learning
  2. C. A New Learning Laboratory

Empowering Communications is dedicated to advancing the frontiers of medical education using innovative IT solutions. Through qualitative and quantitative research, Empowering Communication has gathered a wealth of lessons learned from the practical application of IT to Continuing Medical Education, and acts a clearing house of best practices-- using vertical and horizontal learning paradigms and other synchronous, interactive group distance learning techniques.