An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.
- Martin Luther King Jr.

Empowering Communications is devoted to developing thoughtful and compassionate solutions to problems  in today's world. We feel that our philosophy plays a vital role in how we serve our clients. 

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For Media Professionals

The organization and facilitation of workshops for media professionals (journalism training, newsroom operations and management) and for public relations personnel in both the public and private sectors
Empowering Communications will tailor media and communications workshops, seminars, conferences and mentoring programs to the specific professional and thematic requirements of your organization. Curriculum and facilitation are always designed to engage participants in an interactive learning environment, often designed to replicate the processes of the professional work environment. Gregory Pirio has been a much-sought-after facilitator and has been recognized for his success in empowering participants by motivating renewed professional performance.

Clients frequently have frequently requested the delivery of learning events along the following lines.

Workshops for Media Professionals 

Empowering Communications develops practical and effective learning events for journalists, editors, media managers, executives and owners in the print, radio and TV sectors. The thematic focus of such events have included:

    • Health issues such as polio eradication, HIV/AIDS, health policy, emergency preparedness, natural disasters, TB, child survival, reproductive health and malaria.
    • Humanitarian crises.
    • Conflict resolution, including coverage of conflict, war to peace transitions, national reconciliation and peace building.
    • Election and campaign coverage.
    • The media as an ally of human rights.
    • Radio station development and management, including newsroom operations.

Public Relations Training 

Empowering Communications organizes effective training for spokespersons, public liaison officers and other media practitioners responsible for developing a positive public image of your government or organization. Empowering Communications brings to these training exercises its considerable "insider" experience of the media and is able to provide insight into establishing trustworthy relationship with journalists and others who will convey your messages and image to the public. Curriculum designed to better engage the media around your issues typically involve a combination of professional guidance, more formal lessons and hands-on coaching in:

  • Image branding

  • Developing organizational media strategies

  • Crafting winning press releases

  • Defining target audiences

  • Successful interviewing techniques

  • Networking building

  • Effective ways of defusing controversies



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